October 30, 2008

So here I am writing my first blog.  I personally am not a big blog reader, or a blog reader in any sense. Elie wrote a blog once, it was about his first Halloween in the US and I read that one.  He wrote another about an awesome vegetarian chili recipe which I didn’t read, but I did view the pictures, then he ran out of steam.  I know a lot of people really  enjoy reading these things and many people enjoy writing them.  I don’t know if I will be one of those people but I am going to give it a try.


Our website v.2 is finally up, complete with an awesome blog in which  I will keep you informed of all of our goings on and maybe even throw in a rant now and again.

Don’t get too comfortable here because it will be changing very shortly as we have decided to finally give in and hire someone to design us a proper website, so version 3 is on it’s way.  Although I think the simplicity of this site is refreshing after navigating through hundreds of music sites with hi-tech flashy time wasting animation.  Don’t worry, version 3 will have none of that.