March 1, 2009

We have a new music video up for y’all to enjoy.  So here is the story behind the scenes, underneath all the glitz, glamour and expensive production:

We worked for 6 month full time (ugh) in a casino (ugh) singing cheesy Italian songs while rowing a gondola in Macau (ugh? Yes.) So after finishing our contract with the big, probably evil corporation known as The Venetian, Elie and I decided to hit the road and travel around China and South East Asia  before coming back to the US.

We ended up spending a LOT of time on trains, where we learned, among other things, a.) Chinese people have a very different idea of personal space and b.) If you vomit directly into an overflowing toilet, you WILL get splashed in the face.

We also spent plenty of time looking out windows, especially once we ran out of pirated Sopranos episodes.  So with nothing better to do, I captured some of the scenery on the trip from Hong Kong to Beijing to Lhasa.  My crappy camera does not do justice to some of the breathtaking scenery, but it’s still pretty impressive and the footage complements “Blood and Fire” really well.

We have some performance videos up also, “So Many Things,” “Song to Silence the World,” and “By the Side of the Road,” all recorded for