Almost there…

October 15, 2009

Hello again,

We have just listened to the mastered tracks – they sound REALLY good.  Thank god for Elie, that’s all I can say.  Elie actually means ‘god is my help,’ although in this case Elie is my help.  He has an INCREDIBLE ear, and was present and active throughout the mixing and mastering sessions.  He can hear things I can not, so he did a lot of stuff that I can’t really hear but is probably really important.  He can also juggle fire…and  I’m still trying to find a way to incorporate that into the live show.  In short, Elie is an incredible artist and I am amazed that I get to work with him.

At the moment we are putting the album art together and then we should be good to go.

Can’t wait to share this with everyone!