Album Updates

November 8, 2009

Hello again,

Just wanted to update everyone on the album progress. As you know, we finished recording the album and I was just going to release it BUT apparently there’s this thing called ‘promotion’…and apparently we are supposed to be doing it. So, in short, I was a little trigger happy when I said the album would be out in October (obviously) and I am going to have to withhold these magnificent tracks from you for a tiny bit longer while we grapple with this new concept. Tentative release date is now in February.
The good news is that I found an INCREDIBLE artist for the album artwork. No cheap graphic design or cheesy photos for us! The preliminary sketches look great and are really evocative of the vibe of the album.
In other album news, we received honorable mention in the New York Songwriter’s Circle songwriting competition for the title track of the new album, “Go Call the Captain.”