Keyboard Magazine review

May 19, 2010

We got our first review in a major publication this month, yay! Here’s what the good folks at Keyboard Magazine have to say about Go Call the Captain:

“Largely dark but tinged with playfulness, Go Call the Captain tastily combines wistful folk, mellow rock, and pinches of gypsy jazz and bluegrass into a compelling compilation of tightly written tunes. Anchored by Elie Brangbour’s lithe bass, Eleanor Kleiner’s voice floats above largely acoustic textures, bringing to mind Sarah McLachlan or a melancholic Amy Lee; tracks like “Something Might Happen” and “Las Vegas” buoy up her voice further on rolling beds of acoustic piano. The title track, another piano-driven tune, is a highlight, simultaneously bringing to mind Green Day’s “Boulevard of Broken Dreams” and the eclectic work of the Squirrel Nut Zippers. Though it dwells in the shadows, Go Call the Captain is ultimately uplifting — not an easy task to pull off by even the most skilled of ensembles. Well worth a listen.”