So I know I said “No Plan B,” but…

December 9, 2011

I may have spoken too soon.

We’ve spent the past month formulating a Plan B.  When I say formulating, I mean swinging wildly back and forth between different options, then becoming dizzy and disheartened with all the swinging and deciding not to make any decision at all – hence the dead silence on the blog lately.

The short story is that despite our best efforts we just don’t really like living in a trailer.  If there weren’t several set backs in rapid succession we probably would have kept at it a little longer, but with the endless repairs and Elie being allergic to the trailer, the idea of continuing with this plan seems a little masochistic.  It was actually really comical the way in which everything went so terribly wrong – from the near truck collision on our first day and the broken lap top, to driving back to NY during a fluke October snow storm without a furnace, and our electrical plug (only source of heat) falling out while we were driving and being dragged along the road behind us until the prongs we’re all scraped up and bent.  We spent most of our time scrambling around trying to find our way out of one mess when another one would hit.

On top of all the mishaps, it also turns out that touring in a trailer is actually not cheaper than living in an apartment.  It would be cheap if we got a seasonal spot somewhere and didn’t move around too much, but then what’s the point?  We can’t even comfortably fit the keyboard in there – and even if we could, spending the winter at a trailer park, cramped inside a trailer  with our instruments at odd angles and Elie’s nose running uncontrollably doesn’t sound too inspiring to me right now.

On the bright side, we know what we don’t want – and we figured it out REALLY quickly 🙂  We also know what we DO want – but we’re just indecisive about the particulars (where, when, how).

Being the people we are,  we whole-heartedly committed to the No Plan B-ness of this whole situation and therefore have no furniture and no place to live at the moment.  Lucky for us we have generous friends and family to stay with for the time being.  I am REALLY looking forward to having a home again, at  the moment we’re leaning towards renting a place in the Hudson Valley…but I’m open to suggestions 🙂