Strange new song

June 14, 2012


We played a song at Wednesday’s Rockwood show which is so new it’s not even finished. The result was definitely messy, but interesting, and different than anything we’ve done so far.
When I started this song I was going through a long songwriting dry spell and I just sat down at the keyboard and the first verse came out. It was a weirdly awesome experience, because I had no expectation and no judgment about what was happening. So I decided to try the same approach with the second verse – just let the words roll out. I can’t say exactly what it’s about, but I do have a general vibey sort of idea of what I’m talking about, and it definitely evokes something in me. It’s interesting to have to interpret your own songs. I still need another verse and we need to flush out the arrangement a bit and rehearse it a lot more – but here’s a recording Chris (drummer) took of the song from the gig.

New Song

keep in mind that it is ROUGH ROUGH ROUGH…that’s the one good thing about playing to an empty room, there’s absolutely no risk and you can feel free to experiment 🙂