Recording, part 1

November 1, 2012

I hope this post finds you safe, dry and with electricity and hot water. Elie and I really didn’t believe the hype and didn’t think it would be anywhere near as bad as it was…lucky for us we no longer live in Queens. I hope everyone else wasn’t as blase.

In preparation for Hurricane Sandy we spent all day Saturday and Sunday tracking drums, guitars and keyboards at The Bunker Studio in Brooklyn, then retreated back up to Beacon. Not only did we not suffer any kind of fallout from the hurricane up here, but I think the meteorological happenings helped us lay down some really great tracks. Elie and I have a habit of skirting natural (and man-made) disasters, it’s kind of our thing.

Anyway, the recording was fantastic. We’ve got Chris Schultz on drums, Clif Jackson on upright, Elie on acoustic guitar, and Clifton Hyde (who played with us on the 2007 EP) on electric guitar.  We were able to track all of the acoustic guitar, bass, drums and piano live and we’re going back into the studio in the next few weeks to record vocals.  Then we’ve just got to mix, master and duplicate! As far as a release date, here’s the rough timeline I came up with today instead of working on album art:

Now you know everything I know:)

Here’s some piccies from the recording


Stay safe out there!

Lots of Love