Dream Projects Studio

May 12, 2014

I recently had the pleasure of getting to know Auke Ferwerda, who runs a studio in the Northern part of The Netherlands called Dream Projects Studio. As some of you know we’re getting ready to play some shows in The Netherlands and Germany (next week!!) and Auke is organizing an incredible show on May 18th at Kloosterkapel Sybrandahus – a 13th Century chapel in a small village in The Netherlands, how amazing does that sound?!

Auke told me the story of how his studio came to be, and it is pretty awesome. Many years ago Auke was a radio DJ but left the music industry to take over his father’s construction business. He got married and raised two kids with his wife Klaske, who is a singer. Both of his children are now musicians and Auke knew that his boys weren’t going to take over the business so he decided to build a state of the art sound and video production studio in one of the construction buildings…pretty great parenting if you ask me 🙂  So after 130 years the construction business will be coming to an end but he believes that you must follow your heart “and if that is not in building construction but in music, so be it.” Touche!

We were invited to record there during our tour so hopefully we’ll have a new song to share when we’re back!
You can check out Dream Projects Studio here: http://dreamprojectstudios.nl/

And on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DreamProjectStudios