Netherlands and Germany 2014

July 24, 2014

We had a great time touring in Holland and Germany in May!

We’ve come to the conclusion that The Netherlands is just a little more advanced than everybody else.  First there’s the gay marriage thing – it’s been legal in the Netherlands since 2001, which means there’s a whole generation of kids out there who didn’t have to grow up as second class citizens in the eyes of their own government.  Then there’s the whole not-spending-billions-of-dollars-locking-people-up-for-personal-marijuana-use-thing.  PLUS all the bike riding.  I’ve never seen so many bicycles in my life!  When we arrived (hungry and jetlagged, recipe for disaster) we got lost and ended up in a cute little neighborhood where we witnessed a rush hour involving only bicycles, it was awesome.  The whole country seems to cater to bicycles and there are usually separate bike paths which means bikers and drivers rarely have to share the road.  On top of all that Holland is really pretty…and clean…and they really know how to design cities, there’s always a vehicle-free pedestrian/bicycle zone in the center where you can walk for twenty minutes without seeing a Starbucks…plus everyone we met was really nice….aaaaaaaand the government still supports the arts over there so musicians can actually get paid, imagine that!

Okay, you get the point, we like Holland.

Germany was awesome too, we played on a Tuesday night and there was a room full of people who came out to listen…you can’t pay people to come out on a Tuesday in New York.  There seems to be a real appreciation for live music over there which was so refreshing.

Anyway, we played seven shows in Holland and one show in Germany and it was a great experience.  So great that we’ll be back next Spring, hopefully delving into Germany a little more and expanding into France.



Recording a new single at Dream Projects Studio



You know you’ve made it when there are mirrors with lights around them in your greenroom



The green room at a 12th century Church in Fryslan, Netherland



Post-tour trip to Europa Parc – Rollercoastersss weeee!