Southwest Regional Folk Alliance Official Showcase!

October 5, 2017

We just got back from showcasing at SWRFA – or the Southwest Regional Folk Alliance for those of you not up on the various folk alliance conference acronyms.

It’s basically three days of music, networking and workshops with folk DJs, promoters and musicians. We were selected for an official showcase (yay!) and I was blown away by the the artists we got to share a stage with.

After the official showcases there are un-official showcases and impromptu jams until 3:00 or 4:00 am.
You basically wonder around all night and continuously find yourself in tiny hotel rooms sitting in front of world class musicians and songwriters.
One room makes you cry, then next door there’s a rowdy bluegrass jam, and two doors down a humorous songwriter makes you laugh out loud.
It’s super inspiring to hear so much talent packed into one hotel.

What blows my mind is that you can see these artists in small venues around the US and Europe for, like, $20 and oftentimes for FREE! There is such a wealth of talent out there, people bravely creating art and sharing it with the world – and these conferences always re-affirm my life choices!

Here are some artists I discovered at SWRFA that I highly recommend you go see live:
Cosy Sheriden, Ordinary Elephant, Heather Pierson, Mare Wakefield and Nomad.