Our New Home

August 29, 2011

Well the glorious day has finally arrived – we are the proud owners of a 1975, 24 foot  Airstream Argosy!

We’ve been telling people for over a year now that we’re going to be leaving our apartment to live full-time in an Airstream trailer – and I think eventually they started doubting that it would ever happen.  Well, it’s happening.  It took a little longer than expected, but its happening.
Finding a habitable, cheap, vintage Airstream is not an easy task – especially since I became infatuated with the Argosy variety (the white ones, for the non-Airstream enthusiasts out there) which are even harder to find.  I literally spent hours every day checking craigslist, ebay, and a bunch of other places in search of an Argosy.  Anyone out there looking for an Airstream, be warned: they go fast!  You’ve got to pounce on them.
We saw an ad for a great looking Argosy in Zanesville, Ohio – and an hour later we were on our way.  Lucky for us, the owner was super nice and agreed not to sell it until we’d had a look (it’s a 10 hour drive from New York).

Well, needless to say, the Argosy was perfect.  We’d seen a couple other Airstreams before this one and they just don’t compare!  The owner had spent a huge amount of time and great care renovating it, while preserving the original, vintage details.   It’s gorgeous; in FAR better condition than I could have hoped for with our budget.  I almost don’t want to put any of our stuff in it because it’s so clean and perfect right now!



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  1. Stuart Nager says:

    Looks good. Sniff…gonna miss you guys when you are on the road, but this is a GOOD THING!!! shared where I could.

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