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August 17, 2017

We’re super excited to announce that we’re partnering with PledgeMusic to release new music!

It’s been four years since our last album – and we’ve had these songs brewing inside us for a long time now. After months of searching for the perfect musicians, studio and engineer we are so ready to get this music out there!

Going into the studio adds a completely new dimension to a song. There are a whole new set of creative decisions to make at every step. Not just “what kind of drum feel do we want on the chorus?” but also “what kind of sound do we want on the snare drum during the chorus?” The possibilities are endless. The longer we can spend in the studio, the more we can explore these possibilities and allow the recording process to not just capture the song but also to enhance and transform it.

So we’ve partnered with PledgeMusic to reach our target and to share this process with you in a way we’ve never done before.
By joining this pre-order you can help us make our best album yet and get a behind the scenes look at our process!

Starting April 2018 we’re going to be releasing two new tracks a month for four months, along with videos and artwork and then compiling these songs into a new album.
Every Pledger will receive a digital download of these new songs as soon as they’re released – and will have access to exclusive, behind the scenes updates throughout the recording and release process.

We have 60 days to reach our target of 100%. Hitting this target will cover the basic recording of this new music – bass, guitars, vocals, drums and keyboard. Reaching our stretch goal of 200% will mean we can hire some more absolutely incredible musicians to add their talents to this record. But either way, it’s gonna be amazing!
Watch our video and pledge at PledgeMusic!

We can’t thank you enough for your support. We hope you’ll join us in this release and help us get the word out there.

Much love and appreciation,
Eleanor & Elie



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