The Towne Crier
January 13, 2014

If you’re in the Hudson Valley area and a fan of live music you’ve most definitely heard of The Towne Crier Cafe.  Founded in 1972 it’s a Hudson Valley landmark, bringing world class folk, jazz and world music to the region. Lucky for us The Towne Crier just moved from its long-time home in Pawling to […]

New Review from The Big Takeover

Just got a wonderful and unexpected review from The Big Takeover.  I think I’ve found a new elevator pitch “spacious, sweeping, and snowpeak-scaling folk-rock beauty” – Love it! A big thanks to Mark Suppanz for the support!

The reviews are in
August 13, 2013

…well, they’ve been in for a while I just forgot to post them here “The Whispering Tree is almost eloquently attuned to their name. The songs seem natural and organic, and the vocals whisper and spur an uplifting nature to any listener…you have an obvious admiration for a band who sound so professional cleansed yet […]