Southwest Regional Folk Alliance Official Showcase!
October 5, 2017

We just got back from showcasing at SWRFA – or the Southwest Regional Folk Alliance for those of you not up on the various folk alliance conference acronyms. It’s basically three days of music, networking and workshops with folk DJs, promoters and musicians. We were selected for an official showcase (yay!) and I was blown […]

Pre-Order the New Album!
August 17, 2017

We’re super excited to announce that we’re partnering with PledgeMusic to release new music! It’s been four years since our last album – and we’ve had these songs brewing inside us for a long time now. After months of searching for the perfect musicians, studio and engineer we are so ready to get this music […]

Philadelphia Folk Festival & Tons-o-Shows!
August 15, 2017

This has been our busiest summer to date and I’m loving it! We’ve been playing a ton and we’ve been back and forth to PA with the Philly Songwriter’s Project Winners, which has been great. Our fellow Philly winners, Adam Web & Nyke, Emily Drinker and Jason McGovern are super talented peeps and I’m so […]